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Looking for Qualified Candidates?
Atlantic MEDsearch is dedicated to finding the right candidates for your needs with the highest value in recruitment today. We specialize in every field of medicine and represent healthcare professionals – from physicians to midlevel providers (e.g. PA, NP, CRNA). Our experience in this industry allows us the ability to understand exactly what your clinical needs are while minimizing wasted time. Our recruitment and screening process in the areas of training, work experience, professional needs, geographic preference, and motive for their search, will ensure you receive only candidates that can precisely meet your criteria. Client services also offer continuous marketing support which are distributed to attract qualified candidates specifically targeted for your needs.
Most practice opportunities are best served through a contingency arrangement; therefore we offer a straightforward one page contingency contract. We rarely have to utilize Our Guarantee, but if the need should arise, we have a guarantee program that is designed to deliver results. We adhere to high standards of practice and procedures which include a code of ethics stressing honesty, integrity, and competency. For almost two decades, our client partners have been satisfied with our ability to function as an impartial third party providing the highest level of recruitment services every day. Let us make a difference in your medical community.